Other Ranks in 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

8592 Murphy, Timothy On his BW&VM roll there are no clues, just the record of his serving in first 2nd Bn, then 7th Bn. The only clue on his MIC is the discharge on 31st Jan, 1916:

24304 MUNDEN, GEORGE Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers 7th Battalion.22/02/1918 Son of Mrs. Emma Munden, of 46, Lower St., Kettering. STAGLIENO CEMETERY, GENOA No other RDF are buried in this cemetery

18195  Pte Patrick Murphy, 7th Battalion "A" coy died 16/08/15.aged 21 Helles Memorial (more likely 6th or 1st Battalion as 7th was not in Gallopili)

18399. Pte John [Jack] Gordon Royal Dublin Fusiliers His medal's are 1914/18 great war and the victory medal. The first two read RDF the last reads RIR however i have a photo of him in his Irish Guard's [Mick's] uniform. I also have his service record's. He was in the 7th battalion Royal Dublin Fusilier's. After that the Royal Irish Regiment.

18043 Sam Harvey Private 'C' Coy 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Died in 21st General Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt, of wounds received at Gallipoli. Buried in Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery

12910 Private Richard ADDERLEY Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin 7th Battalion. Died 19th October 1915 Balkans

14789 Private Walter D.APPLEYARD. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. 7th Battalion Killed in action. 16th August 1915. Gallipoli

8240 Private Patrick BEGGS Born Booterstown, Co. Dublin Resided Booterstown Enlisted Dublin 7th Battalion Died 30th December 1917 Egypt

14230 Private Alfred Henry BOYD. Born Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Resided Blackrock. Enlisted Dublin. Eldest son of William H. and Daisy E. Boyd, of Glensavage, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. 7th Battalion. Killed in action 16th August 1915. Gallipoli. Age 19. Helles Memorial

14165 Private William Sinclair BOYD. Born Dublin. Son of James Saint Clair Boyd and Amelia Boyd, of 22, Mountain View Rd., Rathmines, Co. Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. 7th Battalion. Killed in action. 16th August 1915. Gallipoli. Age 22. Helles Memorial

18661 Private John BOYD. Born Cavan . Only son of Isabella Boyd, of 10, Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin, and the late John Boyd. Enlisted Dublin. Civil Servant. Enlisted September 1914. D Company, 7th Battalion. Killed in action 16th August 1915. Gallipoli. Age 32. Helles Memorial .

18751 Private John BURKE. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Husband of Mrs. H. Carroll (formerly Burke), of 40, Queen St., Dublin. 7th Battalion. Died of wounds 10th August 1915. Gallipoli. Age 23. , Helles Memorial - Turkey.

8155 Private William BYRNE 7th Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin . Killed in action 3rd October 1916. Balkans

19782 Private Francis CAFFREY 7th Battalion Born Little Bray, Co. Dublin, Enlisted Bray, Co. Wicklow. Son of Patrick and Mary Caffrey, of 4, Aberdeen Square, Bray; husband of Mary Ann Caffrey, of Captain's Avenue, Little Bray, Co. Dublin. Killed in action 3rd October 1916. Age 35. Balkans. Struma Military Cemetery - Greece.

23473 Private Thomas CASSIN 7th Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Castleford. Resided Inchieore, Dublin. Died At Sea. 30th December 1917

26128 Private Michael CLARE 7th Battalion Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin. Son of John Clare, of 235, Phibsborough Rd., Dublin. Killed in action 3rd October 1916. Struma Military Cemetery - Greece.

14156 Corporal Arthur CROOKSHANK 7th Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Resided Towney. Born Towney, Dundrum, Co. Dublin. Killed in action 16th August 1915. Gallipoli

12419 Private Thomas DOUGHERTY. 7th Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action. 21st August 1915. Gallipoli

21917 Private Henry DOUGLAS. 7th Battalion. Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Son of Elizabeth Douglas, of 49, North Strand Rd., Dublin, and the late John Douglas. Formerly 18780, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Killed in action 16th August 1915. Age 23. Helles Memorial Gallipoli

14185 Lance Corporal Charles E. DOWSE 7th Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Resided Monkstown. Son of John C. and J. Henrietta Dowse, of Seafield Lodge, Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Killed in action 16th August 1915. Age 21 Helles Memorial Gallipoli

12985 Private Michael Roe 7th Battalion Wounded 03/10/1916

15230 Private George Arthur Paginton 7th Battalion. Died 16/08/1915 at Dardanelles Age 28 Job Labourer, Shop No 1 Dept Locco / Carr. Son of Louisa Paginton, of 4, Telford Rd., Rodbourne, Swindon, and the late George Paginton.HELLES MEMORIAL

14230 Private Alfred Henry BOYD. 7th Battalion Born Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Resided Blackrock. Enlisted Dublin. Eldest son of William H. and Daisy E. Boyd, of Glensavage, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. . Killed in action 16th August 1915. Gallipoli. Age 19. Helles Memorial

14357 Lance Corporal T Roberts 7th Battalion age 28 died 8/10/1918 Guizan Farm cemetery. Son of Charles and Mary Roberts, of Shepton Mallet, Somerset; husband of Elsie Roberts, of Trebanog, Cymmer, Porth (Rhondda), Glam.

14789 Private Walter D'Ancie APPLEYARD. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. 7th Battalion Killed in action. 16th August 1915. Was employed in the Irish Land Commission. Enlisted and left for the Dardanelles with D Coy. 10 July, 1915, arriving at Gallipoli 6 .Aug. and landing at Sulva Bay on Saturday, the 7th iitst. The moment they landed the troops were in action, and D Coy. leading they advanced over the open plain a target for heavy shell fire and snipers, at evening driving the Turks out at the point of the bayonet and capturing Chocolate Hilli. Private .Appleyard escaped without a scratch, though a bullet passeil through the leg of his trousers. Later he was with three or four men in a small post without ammunition ; the enemy were throwing bombs on them. It was while throwing back these bombs that he was shot through the heart, 16 Aug. 1915. on the ridge Kizlar Dagh. He was buried in Gallipoli at the foot of Dublin Hill (Hill 5:i) : . Letters from his comrades are unanimous in extolling his bravery, devotion to duty. self-sacriflce, and good comradeship. His brother. George, is now (1916) serving with the Leinsters at the Front.Gallipoli

24467.DOYLE, Private, PATRICK, 7th Battalion. Drowned at sea (from HT. "Aragon") 30th December 1917.

12566 Private Murtagh. Donohoe, 7th Battalion . (‘B’ Company). Son of Michael and Margaret Donohoe, of New Row, Naas, Co. Kildare. Reported missing in action 1914, later reported killed, Gallipoli, August 7, 1915. Born New Row, Naas. died 07/08/1915 age 25

Cecil and Douglas Gunning , then aged 21 and 19 left jobs in the bank to join up. Douglas, then working in Sligo, cycled fifty miles on an old pushbike to be in time to join up with his elder brother in ’D’ Company, Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

12810 Private Andrew McGarr. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 7th Battalion . Died, home, October 3, 1914. Born Ballymore, Co. Kildare. (J. McGarr appeared on Naas Roll of Honour).

6612, GALLAGHER, Private, CHRISTOPHER, 7th Battalion . Drowned at sea (from H.T. "Aragon") 30 December 1917.

24375 Sergeant Charles LOCKEY, 7th Battalion Enlisted (Short Service, 1 year with the colours): 01/09/1914. Taunton. Age given: 19 years 9 months. Born: Purton 1894. NOK listed as Charles & Caroline (Father and Mother, Purton. Brother Arthur and Sister Alice). Occupation: Shunter. 43508 3rd Battalion Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. 24375 3rd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Medals & Awards BWM, VIC, 14/15 Star. Service papers / pension papers. 29/04/1915 Posted to 3rd Battalion Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. 14/05/1915 Arrived in France with 1st Battalion DCLI. 18/06/1915 Awarded 21 days Field Punishment No1. 02/07/1915 Suffered GSW to back, shoulder and hand, returned to the UK. 14/09/1915 Posted to 3rd Battalion DCLI. 06/11/1915 Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. 06/11/1915 Transferred to 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 01/09/1917 Home. 01/06/1918 France. 09/11/1918 Home. 04/03/1919 Undergoing treatment at Lichfield Military hospital. Specialist Military qualification: Machine gun instructor. On discharge listed his address as 4 Winifred Street, Swindon. He later moved to 57 Keyford, Frome, Somerset. Name on Remembrance list in St Mary`s

14247 Private George GRIFFITH, 7th Battalion British War and Victory Medals, 1914-15 Star. Griffith). first saw active service in the Balkans, entering that theatre of operations on 20/7/1915 (the 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers landed at Mudros on 20/7/1915, and subsequently took part in the Suvla Bay landings, 7/8/1915). Medal Index Card confirms that Griffith later saw service as 2154 Private in the Royal Irish Regiment (the 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers was reduced to cadre status on 6/6/1918, the men of the battalion being disributed among other units). M.I.C. notes Griffith as being discharged and awarded a Silver War Badge (Silver War Badge roll confirms Griffith was discharged on 18/10/1917 due to wounds, and awarded Silver War Badge no 250133). M.I.C. gives Private Griffith's home address as 9 Auburn Street, Dublin.

17219 Cpl Henry A KAVANAGH 7th Battalion Killed in action Salonica 23 Sept 1916. Silver War Medal. Whilst the battalion was being formed, one company, D Company, was reserved exclusively for recruits from an organisation knows as the Irish Rugby Football Union Volunteers, the men of D Company thus coming almost exclusively from a rugby playing background. When the 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers landed at Suvla Bay on 7th August 1915, D Company comprised some 286 officers and men. But by the time the battalion was evacuated from Gallipoli on 30th September 1915 only 79 men from D Company were still standing, the remainder either having been killed, wounded or taken prisoner of war. Corporal Henry Kavanagh was among the 79 who survived the campaign unscathed to be evacuated. Unlike most of the other surviving D Company men, many of whom were subsequently commissioned and transferred to other regiments, Henry Kavanagh continued to serve with the 7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers and was killed in action in Salonika on 23rd September 1916, during the battle of the Struma River.

14391 L/Cpl Charles Anthony Victor JEEVES, MM 7th battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers later 2nd Lt in The Devonshire Regiment attached 1/9th Bn, The Kings (Liverpool Regiment), 165th Brigade, 55th Division, B.E.F. Son of Anthony and May Jeeves of Albert Park Road joined a Chums company of the 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers shortly after the outbreak of war and landed at Gallipoli on 9th August 1915. He transferred to the Salonika front in November, he was wounded, and in September 1916 was again wounded while trying to get a mortally wounded Major to safety. For his bravery on that occasion he was awarded the Military Medal.

18994 Pte. Joseph Brady ‘D’ Company 7th Battalion Joseph Brady, the son of John and Bridget Brady was born in Naas County Kildare in 1887. Before joining the army he was a professional billiard player and was in charge of the billiard rooms at Parkgate Street Dublin. He enlisted in D Company 7th ''Pals'' Battalion of the Dub's as a Private in 1915 and after his training he was sent on his first engagement to Suvla Bay with his battalion. There, he worked as a stretcher-bearer and was promoted to Lance Corporal on the 14th August 1915. However, 6 days later he contracted enteric fever and was invalided home. After recovery, he was attached to the 10th battalion as a Corporal. When the 10th was moved to France, he was again transferred this time to the 11th Battalion with the rank of Sergeant.

7th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers