HMT Aeneas

HMT Aeneas

A 60. HMAT Aeneas 10,049 tons. 14 knots. Ocean SS Co Ltd, Liverpool

This 10,000 ton ship of the Ocean SS Co Ltd of Liverpool, England, operated as a troopship under Commonwealth of Australia control until this ended on 22 June 1917.

1910 entered service

1915 5 Oct . 30 Brigade, 10th Division Embarked at the Egyptian Pier for Salonika on SS ‘Aeneas’. SS ‘Aeneas’ hit the outer boom on way out of the harbour.

1915 7 Oct . A violent storm the SS ‘Aeneas’ drifted and collided with a Minesweeper.

1915 9 Oct . SS ‘Aeneas’ steamed for Salonika 9 Oct, 1915.

1915 10 Oct . SS ‘Aeneas’ arrived at Salonika from the island of Mudros 10

1940 Bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Plymouth, 2 July 1940.

SS Aeneas

Salonika Campaign