HMT Prince Abbas

The Prince Abbas was built by Robert Napier Govan, Yard No 426. was launched on Thursday, 03/12/1891 and completed in February 1892 as a Passenger Cargo Ship. She was steam powered, single screw, with a speed of 16 knots

2 boilers, 510hp, 2030 gr tons, Length 300 feet, Breadth 37.5 feet

She was owned by the Khedivial Steamship Administration, Alexandria until 1915 when the Admiralty requisitioned her. She served the navy until May 1916 when she passed into the ownership of Hudson's Bay Company, London

The Prince Abbas was staffed briefly in July 1915 by members of one of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance's tent subdivisions. The crew - "all the scum of the Balkan states" - mutinied in early July and were replaced by 'bluejackets' on July 8th.

Torpedoed & Sunk on 9th July 1917 by U52 when 29 miles east of Fair Island, on passage Tyne for Lerwick laden with a cargo of coal, under Captain Dunbar. Two of the crew were lost.

1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers in Gallipoli