HMAT Seang Bee

seang bee Seang Bee in Brisbane Oct 1915

Seang Bee in Brisbane Oct 1915

Shropshire was built in 1891 by Harland and Wolff at Belfast for the Bibby Line.

5,721 gross tons, 446ft x 49ft, one funnel, four masts, single screw, speed 14 knots. She had cccommodation for 100-1st class passengers and was used on the UK - India - Burma trade.

1909, sold to Lim Chin Tsong of Rangoon and renamed Seang Bee. Then employed British officers and local crew.

1915, chartered for use as a troopship, and saw service in the Dardenelles area, returned to her owners when Commonwealth control ended 12 May 1917. Finally broken up in 1931.

Voyages recorded include

HMAT Seang Bee sailed from Sydney on 11 February 1915 for Egypt

Sailed from Brisbane on 21 October 1915 for Egypt

Sipped the 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers from Mudros to Egypt. Left Mudros 8 Jan 1916.

Sailed from Sydney 18 July 1916 for Europe.

Sailed from Adelaide 10 Feb 1917 for Europe.

Reverted to owners 12 May 1917, at which point Australian records show she had carried 3563 men from Australia


1st battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Jan 1916